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Just Giraffes


ONLY 1,777

portion of the sales will be donated to various animal charities!

Holders will have access to a bunch of benefits that will increase over time. Each Just Giraffe purchased will be helping make the world a better place, A portion of the sales will be donated to various animal charities! Let’s JUST save the world together starting with the Giraffes. . . This is JUST the beginning, owning a “Just Giraffe” gets you whitelisted for the upcoming “JUST” NFT ranges . . . JUST Join the community today! Trust me you do not want to miss out! Let’s JUST make the world better together.

YOU HAVIN’ A giraffe?

Nope, we’re serious. Each Just Giraffe bought helps support the wildlife of the world!

Each giraffe is #1 of-a-kind

Artistry + AI manipulation = NO duplication!

Support the wildlife of the world

20% of EVERY purchase goes to the community’s charity of choice

Our friendly community

Speaking of which, click here and join the discord 😉

They’re giraffes . . .

Need we say more?


who doesnt like showing off? get your NFT on a shirt!
Our NFTs Launch

And it’s JUST the start of our journey

Stop the presses. Mark the date in your calendar. The JUST NFT range is alive and kicking; and we want to start as we mean to go on – by making the world a better place. We’re donating a portion of sales from each NFT to animal-related charities — starting with the Giraffes Conservation Foundation. Buying one also sees you whitelisted for future JUST NFT launches and lets you vote for the NEXT charity of choice (more on that below).

Monthly Animal Charities

JUST making the world a better place

All holders are invited to vote for an animal charity that THEY want to receive a percentage of the NFTs sold that month. Votes are cast via the official discord server with the aim to make the world a better place from the comfort of our own homes. To experience the donation process first-hand, JUST head over to the YouTube channel!

We've JUST hit our 1st milestone

10% Sold

Upon selling 177 NFTs, all NFT holders are automatically entered into a celebratory giveaway — the winner of which, will receive a WHOPPING $100! Best of luck, you BEAUTIES!

Huge donation to the Giraffes

25% Sold

When we sell 445 NFTs I will be personally donating $1,000 to the Giraffe conservation, a charity im very passionate about. Thanks for making this possible (https://giraffeconservation.org/)

This JUST in

50% Sold

The NEXT NFT collection will not only be teased to ALL holders, but ALL holders will also be whitelisted. This way, our community doesn’t miss out on the change they’ve helped establish — and you won’t want to miss out on this one. Let’s JUST say the 2nd collection will have a HUGE impact on the environment of one animal in particular . . . hmm . . .

Isn't it JUST about time we released some merch

75% Sold

All holders of a JUST NFT will have the ability to buy a ONE TIME ONLY piece of merch featuring YOUR unique NFT! Given the high quality of our premium bespoke pieces, we think the exclusivity of this milestone will sell out fast . . . so don’t delay in picking up your favourite design!

Special Multi-NFT Holder Giveaways

For those who own MORE than JUST one

First off, LEGENDS. Now, to show our appreciation for supporting our project — and for making the world a safer place — you can expect BIG rewards. We’re talking ETH & JUST merch giveaways. After all, we wouldn’t want to leave you wanting more now, would we?

We JUST did it

100% Sold

To celebrate our success, EVERYONE in possession of a Just Giraffe NFT is in for the chance of WINNING x1 ETH. Sure, that might not sound like much, but to put that into perspective, they’re currently valued at OVER $3,000. Yes — you read that right — and the more you own, the higher your chances, JUST sayin’ . . .


And Giraffes are JUST the start

Why did I create Just Giraffes, you ask? It’s simple — they’re the best animal there is, and they NEED our help. So let’s work TOGETHER on keeping them safe and thriving in their natural habitat. Join us on our NFT adventure as we donate a portion of each sale to animal charities across the globe. Plus — in buying some of the rarest hand-drawn procedurally generated NFTs — you’re not JUST supporting wildlife. Oh no. To avoid missing out, we’ll keep you informed of any upcoming “Just” NFT ranges — each of which will feature a unique animal. So, if you’re interested in learning more — or JUST lil’ curious — check out the discord below.